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[UE4] Generic Space Station scene

I had the opportunity to write an article for 80 Level and I had detailed the whole production
Article Link

This project Based on random references and my imagination
I had used Marvelous Designer for the cloth pieces and food bags, blender for Highpoly/Lowpoly modeling and UVmap, also used Headus UVlayout to find mistakes and make a perfect UVmap, scene optimization in blender before export it to UE4 and I used modular technology
I used substance painter for baking maps and texturing everything and used substance designer for creating some simple materials and photoshop for making some signs which used with substance painter as black mask
The scene rendered with UE4 I used static lighting and post process for a little bit of color correction, the scene runs at average 70FPS with GTX 780.

Space Station

controls board


Exite door